The shortDOI Service creates shortened DOI® names, of the form 10/abcde, as aliases for existing DOI names, which are often very long strings.

It is a public service, offered by the International DOI Foundation, that is open to anyone.

The service will either create a new shortDOI, or return the existing shortDOI if one has already been created. Applications which resolve DOI names will treat the shortDOI identically to the original.


Enter a DOI name in the form below:

DOI name:

For automated purposes, the shortDOI Service can also be used by simply appending the original DOI name to the URL for the service, for example http://shortdoi.org/10.1002/(SICI)1097-0258(19980815/30)17:15/16%3C1661::AID-SIM968%3E3.0.CO%3B2-2.

A format parameter can be used to specify that information be returned as XML or JSON, by appending ?format=xml or ?format=json.

An HTTP Accept: header can also be used to specify the desired return format. The returned field IsNew describes whether the ShortDOI already existed, or was created by this request.