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The shortDOI Service is a shortening service that creates aliases for existing DOI® names, of the form 10/abcde. These aliases are short whereas DOI names are sometimes very long strings.

It is a public service, open to anyone and offered by the DOI Foundation.

The service will either create a new shortDOI, or return the existing shortDOI if one has already been created. The DOI Foundation's web resolver at will treat the shortDOI identically to the corresponding DOI name.


Enter a DOI name in the form below:

DOI name:

For automated purposes, the shortDOI Service can also be used by simply appending the original DOI name to the URL for the service, for example

A format parameter can be used to specify that information be returned as XML or JSON, by appending ?format=xml or ?format=json.

An HTTP Accept: header can also be used to specify the desired return format. The returned field IsNew will contain either "true" or "false" and describes whether the ShortDOI already existed, or was created by this request.